Brace Yourselves…

…a new post. No I didn’t fall off the planet. My little guy has just been sleeping like CRAP the last week. Seriously up every freaking hour. One night I was up from 3am to 6:30 am with him and wasn’t that just the best. Well, had I looked at The Wonder Weeks app I might have known to…


Now I’m not saying this app is always right about this stuff. But this time it was stop freaking on! I honestly thought I was going to lose my shit due to lack of sleep. But then, then last night he only woke up at 4:40am and went back to sleep after a change and eats until 7 and then again till 9. Which of course made mommy and daddy a whole lot happier this morning…because we slept the good sleeps.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not complaining about being a parent in the slightest. I love this kid with the fire of 1, 000 suns (or something). I’d just like to sleep for a solid 7 hours or six, I’ll take six…that’s cool too.

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