Just who is the Gal in the Grey Hat?

cropped-cropped-cropped-grey-hat-twitter-cover1.jpgShe lives in Upstate NY with her husband, toddler, and their three cats. She’s happy to report her hubbins encourages her to be as creative as possible everyday – yes even with a toddler running around. Be it via this blog (where she needs to post more), with her camera (that she had to have and never uses), or even blending up tea (which she hasn’t done in an age). Long story short she just needs to stop being lazy and get it together and let her creative flag fly!

This blog will be updated when she’s had enough sleep and/or her little love gives her the time (she’s on his schedule after all). You can expect her to post about nerdy topics, her adventures in mommyhood, and more. So go on and pour yourself a cup of coffee or tea (no judging here) and read up. You might just learn something or at the very least get a good laugh at her expense.


Contacting C.

If for some reason you would like to contact her to review your product please do so via Twitter (@GalInTheGreyHat) or send a message via the Facebook Page here.  Products that will currently be considered for review: babywearing wraps/carriers, products for moms and/or little ones, etc.. If your not sure what she’ll review please ask.

There will no longer be  reviews or talk of tea here  That is now being done at IllBeMother221b Talks Tea, contact information may be found there.

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