#toddlermomlife amirite?

It’s been…I can’t even tell you how long since I’ve written here. But I plan (hahahaha) to be better about it. Seeing as the toddler is napping talking to himself in his crib I thought I’d take the time to update y’all on life so far.

SproutCroft hit the one year mark on January 1st! They really mean it when they say time flies. Heck I still remember taking him home thinking how the hell are we going to take care of this tiny person? But seeing as he’s still kicking and growing like a weed the hubbins and did something right! Go us! In fact he’s to that fun stage where he repeats everything and I do mean everything! His favorite word is “sauce”, short for applesauce….yep we have to spell it out or he starts sounding like one of those seagulls from ‘Finding Nemo’ but instead of “MINE?” your hear “SAUCE?”. It’s hilarious unless it isn’t time for sauce.

As for me? I got that nasty cold that lingers for two weeks or turns into something else. Well, in my case it turned into a sinus infection first. THEN bronchitis with a side of fractured rib. It’s not been fun times chasing around a toddler and dealing with that. Serious downside to the whole stay at home mom life…NO sick days at all. Unless dada is home and even then rest time is limited.

I’m also slowly launching my social media assistance business. What is it I do? Read through these questions and find out! Does connecting with your customers via social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.) take time away from your business? Need help setting up, using, or managing these accounts? What about promoting your brand/business? Do you use MailChimp or Constant Contact but need assistance in setting up mailings/newsletters? Does your business website have a blog, but no content? Need another set of eyes to proof your content prior to publishing?

If you need help with any of these things let me know in the comments and we can talk. Oh and I also need a name for this business… Current ideas include Geeky Momma Social Media and that’s about it. So put those thinking caps on and help a gal out!

Oh boy…or girl!

That’s right the rumors (are there rumors?) are true…there’s a new addition coming to our family in December! I am both excited and nervous by all this as it it’s been a few years in the making. Anywho that’s all I’ve got at the moment…well sort of, keep reading.

Folks who know me asked if I would be blogging about the pregnancy. In short I won’t be blogging specifically about my pregnancy, but it may come up in the course of a post here and there.

Oh and in case you were wondering how far we are in this little journey or couldn’t do the math based on a December due date….I’ll be starting month 4 on Monday!

The State of the Eyeball…

…or how the hell is the eye doing anyway?

As most of you might recall yours truly had not one but two eye surgeries between 2/4 and 3/18. This also meant I was out of work until 4/11! Yup what should have been two weeks off, turned into two months off. Let me tell you it was not all sunshine and rainbows kids. In fact, it sucked a lot.

Long story short…the first surgery over corrected my left eye a little too much and I had some massive double vision problems going on. We’re talking walking into walls, almost falling up/down stairs/migraines almost every day and the like. Like I said it sucked. Good news was a second surgery was done which helped cut down on the double vision, though it’s still hanging out a bit, but not to the level it was after surgery number one!

Good news is I don’t need a prism in my left eye glass (though it probably wouldn’t hurt). Bad news as I said sometimes folks end up with a second head coming out of their necks. I’m just happy to have it all over and done! I’m also glad to be back at work with something to do! Being at home was nice and once I could watch Netflix, that was fun too. However, only having interaction with my husband, family, and our cats was not good times. I love them all, but it’s nice to change it up again and get back into the swing of things.

I will say this…I miss those 2pm naps with all three cats. Those were the best!

New Tea-lated blog!

I said many moons ago that there would be tea talk on this blog.  But I lied! *GASP*  Not to worry friends!  I’ve created a new tea blog – IllBeMother221b Talks Tea for all your tea needs.  You know if you HAVE any tea needs that is…

Anyway you should totally check it out, please?  There will be tea reviews, tea geekery, and even some ficlets related to tea and fic.

That is all!