Oh Coffee, Sweet Coffee

I wasn’t much of a coffee person until I started my last job before the toddler entered our lives. Sure I’d get a Starbucks beverage or something from a local cafe now and again…but I wasn’t very OMG I NEED THE COFFEE NOW until I started a the last gig. I think I only started drinking it because I was the one to make it almost every morning when I got into work. I was the first one in and it seemed like the right thing to do.

Once I got pregnant I switched to tea. I could not stand the taste or smell of coffee until I was close to 7 months pregnant! Can you imagine. But slowly my like and want of a cup came back right before little was due and I even went as far as to ask my parents for a Keurig. Hey I figured I’d have limited time to make coffee and deal with a newborn (I was correct). My wish was answered and the Keurig arrived.

Sometimes your mug is as important as the coffee you brew.
Sometimes your mug is as important as the coffee you brew.

And let me tell you I have put that bad boy through it’s paces over the last 14 months. So much so that I think I forgot to change the filter as regularly as I should have. Y’all DO NOT want to know what that looked like when I removed it this morning while i wait for the replacement. Just know I won’t be letting that happen agin anytime soon…yikes.

But now here I sit waiting still for the mailman to arrive with my filters and variety k-cup box. Hey I was going to make that Amazon order worth it dammit! I prefer the k-cups, but I also have the make your own pod thing too. I also have a pound of Death Wish Coffee at the ready when I feel like cracking into it. It’s good stuff…but I don’t know if I’d call it the strongest coffee out there. It certainly isn’t stronger than my toddler that’s for sure!

So I stick with pods for convenience and because I always have a coupon for them ALWAYS. What keeps you running after your little one? Coffee, tea, energy drinks? Let me know your favorite(s) in the comments.

Let the meltdowns begin! #toddlermomlife

unknownI knew the days were coming when the slightest thing would set my little one off. I thought I might have until two when those days began. But alas that day was today…14 months and one day in. I was in the bathroom and brought the toddler with me because that’s what you do once they’re capable of climbing everything. No more peeing in private for me…good times.

Anyway he typically grabs his ducky from the tub shelf and wanders around the bathroom babbling to himself or me. Not today, today he started playing with his shampoo bottle. I asked him to stop and come here and as he turned he knocked it into the tub and instant tears. Yes, I calmly told him he wasn’t in trouble. He seemed to get what I was saying as he waddled over and placed his head and COLD hands against my bare leg.

However, the rest of the morning came and went with two more of these mini meltdowns. Once from tripping and another after dropping a toy…it begins. Though good thing for wraps. Because quick ups save my bacon and calm my little man in a heartbeat. Plus I will take all the snuggles Mr. Independent wants to give me.

When did your little’s start showing signs of the terrible two’s? How do you deal with them? Let me know in the comments.

Ohana Means Family…

…family means nobody gets left behind. Not even when it comes to the baby/toddler wraps. Ok admit it you are super confused right now. That’s ok I promise I’m about to give you some clarity.

First some background…I got into the babywearing game late. Somewhere around 5-6 months after my son was born. Mostly because I didn’t know how awesome they were or easy to use. I was certain buckle carriers were the way to go. In fact we have one of those too. But I tend to reach for our wraps and ring slings more.

So a few months back (around the end of the summer maybe)  I sold our very first wrap, Serendipity, from one of my favorite companies, Cari Slings. I bought it used from a momma in the chatter group I belong to. As we like to quote Lilo and Stitch the wrap was “little and broken, but still good. Yeah, still good.” By broken I mean it was a little over dried and the colors were a little muted. But it was still great for wrapping and it was ours and we loved it.

Me and the little (his face is covered for privacy) wrapped up in Serendipity.
Me and the little (his face is covered for privacy) wrapped up in Serendipity.

Then I sold it to pay for another wrap I thought I HAD to have. I was wrong and sold that wrap after a maybe a month. Serendipity haunted me from the moment it sold. I kept seeing a few pop up here and there, but they weren’t mine. However, in a surprising turn of events the wrap in question turned up for sale Sunday night. Long story short..it arrived home this morning and it’s never leaving this Ohana again.

Plus my skills as a wrapper have come a long way from when this wrap first lived here. I couldn’t back wrap without help to save my life. But here I am rocking a double hammock like nobody’s business. It’s been a very good Wednesday friends. Very good indeed.

Nap time = do all the things time #toddlermomlife

Do you hear that? No of course not seeing as you aren’t sitting in my dinning room listening to my toddler cry that it’s nap time. Mind you we do this everyday after lunch. So you’d think he’d know it was coming. Nope, he doesn’t each day is like the first time. Though today it seems he’s settled right down to sleep. Which was nicer than the day he took a BITE OUT OF HIS CRIB….yeah I bought covers real quick for the side rails after that one (already had one for the front rail).

Anyway, he goes in his crib now until 4 and I do things like write, fold laundry, or even catch a nap myself. It’s good times (except the crying part). So today I thought I’d write, check the calendar (update appointments), gasp, maybe read! I haven’t read a book since January and that was a graphic novel. In fact I still have two more books in the set to finish. Maybe a cup of tea, some chocolate and reading will have to happen before I catch an hour of zzz’s. Then it’s snack time, and all the playing until bed.

It’s funny some of my friends didn’t think I’d last three months staying home with my little guy. Sure it can be isolating as I don’t drive. But we have friends and family willing to take us out to play places or just to hang so that helps. Plus it’s been pretty nice the last few days so I’ve started taking him for morning walks through the neighborhood or to run an errand at the pharmacy up the street.

But back to my first point. Here I am a day shy of 14 months at home with my son and I wouldn’t have it any other way. He’s a joy to watch as he plays with his toys or stops to dance to music playing on a show or the iPod. The love and affection he gives without prompting almost makes my heart burst. Sure he can be a little stink sometimes and yes some nights he needs him momma or daddy to get back to sleep. That being said I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

Though it is nice to do the freelance work that helps kick in for bills and other things too. But thats for tomorrow’s nap.

Can we please stop shaming momma’s who breastfeed in public?

I mean really people it’s 2016 for crying out loud! I’ve heard comments about me breastfeeding in church (I was covered up). Thankfully the wife asked her husband “Would you tell Mary not to breastfeed Jesus?” (I about lost it)

Just the other day when I was at the mall I was feeding my guy in one of the comfy chairs (again covered) and I guess this older woman was complaining to her teenage daughters about it. I say I guess because two twentysomething women yelled over to me “Good job momma, you feed that baby!” I thought that was nice of them and then I caught the stink eye from the other woman. I felt like telling her “Look lady my kid was about to have a melt down and I have no idea where the “family room” is in this mall.

My feeling is if my baby is hungry I’m going to feed him no matter where I am. In fact I came up with this gem during one late night nursing session:

I have nursed him in a car and I have nursed him in a bar.
In a church and at my former work.
I will nurse him here or there.
I will nurse him anywhere.
I do like nursing.
I do, I do!
How about you?*

*My apologies to Dr. Seuss, but it was the only thing keeping me awake at the time!

Have you been shamed while nursing in public? Did you ignore it? Did you say something to the person? Do you think it’s stupid to shame a mom for doing the most natural thing on the planet? Let me know!

MammaBaby {app review}

For the last 8 1/2 weeks I’ve been keeping track of baby’s feedings be it boob or bottle on a pad of paper. It stems from the hospital where they asked us to track feeding and diapers. The pediatrician also asked us to do it for two additional days. Well, it stuck and I kept doing it.

I thought I was the only nutty mom doing this. But thankfully many of the moms in the Facebook mommy group I’m in do it too! Though they use an app to track feedings. So I asked which one they used and MammaBaby was the winner.


This app tracks feedings: breast, bottle, and solids. Diapers: wet, poop, or a mix and even lets you pick the ahem color of the poop! It even tracks sleep. Best bit is you can look back at a summary of the day. You can even add in baby’s weight, height, and head circumference to see percentiles. Nice right?

One thing I wish you could do is sync it with your spouse or other caretaker so I didn’t have to ask my husband if the baby peed or pooped while I was napping or out of the house. The other pain in the ass is trying to track the middle of the night feedings. Listen the last thing I want to do while he dream feeds is fumble around for my phone. But those are the only two downsides really.

Nice right?
Nice right?

Here’s a shot of the main “landing page and you can see all the things you can track. Please note I cropped out our little one’s pic and his birthdate for obvious reasons. But by adding in the birthdate it helps you track milestones and how much your baby should be eating, peeing/pooping, and sleeping as they get older. You can check out all that info in the Summary tab at the bottom.

The app is free to download from the Apple Store (currently it is not available for Android, not that I could find anyway). There is also a paid version for $4.99 though it’s been a little difficult to see what else you get with the full version.

MammaBaby does allow you to set alarms for feedings, nap/bedtime, and if you need to give the little love meds. Which I should actually use because the mister and I suck at giving our guy his vitamin D. Yep we’re those parents. No one is perfect people!

Long story short I love this app! No more paper and pen for me. Keeping track of the wee one is just a few clicks away. Have you used tracking apps for your little man/lady? Which ones? Why did you choose it?

What being a stay at home mom really means

Let me first say I am very lucky that my husband and I were able to afford (with some cutting of spending/luxuries) me staying home with our little guy. Thank you hubbins, you are THE BEST! So today I started my first official day as a stay at home momma. Granted I was doing it while on maternity leave too. But I’m counting this as my first day of my new job.

They don't even make these anymore.
They don’t even make these anymore.

One friend asked me how living the life of ease was? I had all I could do not to laugh in her face or worse. I guess she assumed that I sat around all day and ate bon-bons in front of the TV or did a lot of online shopping. Which as any seasoned SAHM knows is not the case.

Here’s the basic, yet not exact way my day might go: My day starts around 8am (sometimes at 3 and 6 when he stirs because he’s hungry) when the little one wakes up and I change my first gross diaper of the day. I then dress the baby in outfit one of who knows how many. Then it’s off to put him in his swing while I try to make a cup of coffee (that I try not to leave under the Keurig all day and actually drink), take my vitamins, and maybe grab some breakfast. Usually I only get the vitamins.

Next little one gets breakfast from me. While he’s eating I check in quick on Facebook (I love the mom group I’m a member of) and go through my emails. Little one then typically takes his morning nap which is when I get to work on laundry, dishes, or something else for the house for as long as his sleeping lasts so I had better make the most of it!

Once he’s awake it’s time for a diaper change possibly two (lucky me) and feeding again. I might draft one of these posts on my phone and work on it later during nap time. We then play for a little and get in another change and feeding before the afternoon nap. Sometimes I join in at nap time and sometimes I get a few more loads of laundry done, folded, and put away.

Did I mention it’s now close to 4pm and I’m still in my pj’s? Yeah that’s my life I usually don’t get dressed like an adult unless we’re going out to an appointment or to see the grandparents. Besides with the amount of spit up I deal with in a day why ruin perfectly good clothing? Spoiler alert there’s no need to ruin those good clothes that my ass probably can’t fit back into yet anyway. Then again I love my pregnancy leggings and really don’t want to give them up. Yes, I’ve become that momma. Sorry not sorry.

Where was I? Right it’s now 4pm and we’ve got some time before Daddy gets home. So we’re now on feeding/changing number who the hell knows at this point. But before we know it Daddy’s home and we tag team parenting so I can get a shower or Daddy can get some video game time in before we start on dinner. After dinner, which I’ve probably eaten lukewarm or even cold it’s time to quiet down to get the little ready to go to bed. Which means more feeding/changing and depending on what day it is bath time.

If we’re lucky he’s ready to co-sleep with momma for the night by 11pm. And by lucky I mean it’s usually later (yay). But yes friend who thought I now lived a life of ease all day please note I’m probably still not showered and I probably only had dinner as far as meals go for the day. Did I even go to the bathroom? Seriously this is not an easy job at all. I also now know why they say this is the toughest job you’ll ever love. Because even after getting peed/pooped/spit up on countless times throughout the day I get to see my ever changing kid and maintain my house.

I’m also a much happier person unlike when I was working out of the home. Who knew? Are you a stay at home mom? What’s your day like?