What a week…

It has been a WEEK! First Daylight Savings Time totally messed with the toddler. Let me tell you neither one of us was happy about this, NEITHER ONE OF US. Thankfully his sleep schedule seems to be back to normal at this point. Then there was the weather on Tuesday. Seriously I thought how could this week get worse. I swear I heard Mother Nature say “hold my beer”. We got a lot of it.

I also started working for a new and awesome client. So it’s been interesting balancing being a SAHM who has a part-time job on the side. But never fear I’m calling in the grandparents to help once a week. Which will be a huge help. In the meantime I pull up a tv table to the baby gate and work while he plays or babbles to me. It works…sort of. Mostly it doesn’t because I have mommy guilt for doing it. But the work has to get done.

Just to give you an idea on how busy last week was…I started this post on Saturday…I’m publishing it on Monday. Yeah…

Saturday is for doing all the things

And when I say all the things I mean laundry and cleaning my bathroom. Because having a guest come tomorrow that you forgot about until last night makes you one heck of a cleaning machine. I mean I know my friend won’t care. She’s not here to see my bathroom or my clothes. No she’s here to meet the toddler she’s only seen in pictures and me of course. But still, I’m sure she’ll need to use the bathroom while she’s here and well it needs to be cleaned.

So my husband took the toddler to a birthday party for a bit so I could DO ALL THE THINGS. Yet here I am updating the blog. To be fair this is also a thing that needs doing…so technically I’m using my time wisely. He may say otherwise, but he’s not here is he? Muahahaha!

Before I go to actually tackle the list I set out to do while they’re gone I have to show off my fluff mail! Fluff mail is basically any baby/toddler related mail. Which usually means it’s also momma mail. My price from Pretty Paisley arrived this morning. It’s a cowl called Timey Wimey based on the tv show Doctor Who. It is so freaking soft…which is a problem as I MIGHT need the wrap!

How pretty is that cowl? VERY.

The other item is also for me…sorry kid. It’s a bag that matches out pretty Serendipity wrap. I’m super excited to have a bag that matches the wrap. Enjoy your Saturday friends. I may have one more post for you today IF I get the boring chores out of the way first.

Great colors!

Oh Coffee, Sweet Coffee

I wasn’t much of a coffee person until I started my last job before the toddler entered our lives. Sure I’d get a Starbucks beverage or something from a local cafe now and again…but I wasn’t very OMG I NEED THE COFFEE NOW until I started a the last gig. I think I only started drinking it because I was the one to make it almost every morning when I got into work. I was the first one in and it seemed like the right thing to do.

Once I got pregnant I switched to tea. I could not stand the taste or smell of coffee until I was close to 7 months pregnant! Can you imagine. But slowly my like and want of a cup came back right before little was due and I even went as far as to ask my parents for a Keurig. Hey I figured I’d have limited time to make coffee and deal with a newborn (I was correct). My wish was answered and the Keurig arrived.

Sometimes your mug is as important as the coffee you brew.
Sometimes your mug is as important as the coffee you brew.

And let me tell you I have put that bad boy through it’s paces over the last 14 months. So much so that I think I forgot to change the filter as regularly as I should have. Y’all DO NOT want to know what that looked like when I removed it this morning while i wait for the replacement. Just know I won’t be letting that happen agin anytime soon…yikes.

But now here I sit waiting still for the mailman to arrive with my filters and variety k-cup box. Hey I was going to make that Amazon order worth it dammit! I prefer the k-cups, but I also have the make your own pod thing too. I also have a pound of Death Wish Coffee at the ready when I feel like cracking into it. It’s good stuff…but I don’t know if I’d call it the strongest coffee out there. It certainly isn’t stronger than my toddler that’s for sure!

So I stick with pods for convenience and because I always have a coupon for them ALWAYS. What keeps you running after your little one? Coffee, tea, energy drinks? Let me know your favorite(s) in the comments.

Brace Yourselves…

…a new post. No I didn’t fall off the planet. My little guy has just been sleeping like CRAP the last week. Seriously up every freaking hour. One night I was up from 3am to 6:30 am with him and wasn’t that just the best. Well, had I looked at The Wonder Weeks app I might have known to…


Now I’m not saying this app is always right about this stuff. But this time it was stop freaking on! I honestly thought I was going to lose my shit due to lack of sleep. But then, then last night he only woke up at 4:40am and went back to sleep after a change and eats until 7 and then again till 9. Which of course made mommy and daddy a whole lot happier this morning…because we slept the good sleeps.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not complaining about being a parent in the slightest. I love this kid with the fire of 1, 000 suns (or something). I’d just like to sleep for a solid 7 hours or six, I’ll take six…that’s cool too.

Birthday Eve with Jack and @AmandaPalmer!

First off I have to say my husband is amazing. He didn’t have to get me tickets, but he did. He’s the best. Big ups to my mom and niece too…they came over to watch SproutCroft. WHO popped his first tooth yesterday, birthday eve!

I’ll admit I didn’t know what to expect heading down to Hudson for this show. Sure I’ve listened to a lot of Amanda Palmer over the years. But I knew nothing of Thor & Friends (opening act) nor of Amanda’s Dad, Jack. So we were going into the evening blind. We arrived in Hudson with an hour to spare before the show was to start and grabbed quick eats at Farmer and Sons. This was not at all cheap eats, but as the mister reminded me it was for my birthday. He got a burger and beer, I went with oysters and gin…like you do.

We finished around 7 when the show was to begin. But as if by happy accident it seemed we were wrong on the start time as people were just lining up. Once inside we were lucky enough to score seats (I’m too old to sit on the floor…ok honestly I probably can’t get off the floor now). The first thing I noticed was the age range of those in attendance…all over the map. The second thing? SO MANY ukuleles. Seriously all the ukuleles. And yes I had mine with me too.

"This is Islington..."
“This is Islington…”

If you recall Neil Gaiman (Amanda’s husband) had signed Islington three years ago when he came to Saratoga. At the time he told me that this wasn’t his area and I should really have Amanda sign it. Well, challenge accepted…which took three years to see happen. More on that later.

Now with the little at home that meant momma would need to pump at least twice while at the show. ¬†Which I did. In the bathroom. I’m sure I could have done it in my seat and no one would have given a shit. But I couldn’t see what I was doing so I had to pump in the bathroom. Many thanks to all the woman who told me I was doing an amazing job or that I was a good momma. That really helped get me through missing some of the show and pumping. Funny story on the way to pump the first time I passed this dude who I SWORE looked like Ben Folds of Ben Folds Five fame. But I thought no freaking way.

So I missed the first few minutes of the show due to pumping. But I really enjoyed Thor & Friends! As Thor said what they do is magic. Apparently he’ll also be happy to host your kids at his house…so we’re thinking about it. I kid.They have their first album coming out in September. So check that out. At one point Amanda came out to play with them on, well I’m not sure what…but it was cool. Then Thor calls BEN FOLDS to come up and play! Yeah it was Ben FUCKING Folds I walked past.

Ben FUCKING Folds!
Ben FUCKING Folds!

But wait it gets better. My husband tells me at the break that he’s just chilling in the crowd. I say yeah I’m sure he is…then go to get some air. Well, who do I see hanging out but Ben Folds. So naturally I stop and fell all over myself like an asshole. However, he was super great about it and said I was sweet. He also shook my hand twice. I nearly died. Thinking back I totally should have apologized for the hack job my friends and I did singing Brick back in 2000. We though we sounded AMAZING…when we listened to the tape the next day…we sounded like Lawrence Welk on crack…so uh I’m sorry Ben Folds.

So after that I headed back to my seat to freak out about it on Twitter…because I’m super classy like that. Amanda came out with her actual special guest, Gracie Folds. Who sang a super beautiful song, that I now forget the name of. (Fun story, when I went to punp again she and I chatted in the ladies room WHILE I WAS PUMPING….yeah again not my finest moment, but she was super cool about it.) Now it was time for Amanda and her Dad to take the stage. But first Amanda sang “In My Mind” which I was not expecting and it was great! She and Thor and Friends then sang a song they just made up on the spot while on tour. Which was basically a beautiful poem with music. Even my husband wished he’d recorded it. Yes it was that good!

Then Amanda’s dad Jack joined her on stage. He’s awesome too. It’s obvious how much pride he has for his daughter and his grandson (who was in the audience for a moment). They sang a bunch of songs off their album “You Got Me Signing” most of which it turns out my husband had heard, as sung by the original artists. We were treated to: You Got me Singing, Wynken, Blynken, and Nod, 1952 Vincent Black Lightening, Pink Emerson Radio, Glacier, and I Love You So Much. That last one we all got to sing along on and it was epic.

This show was not at all what I expected, but it was everything I wanted in a show with Jack and Amanda Palmer. It felt super intimate and people were very chill about it too. Seriously no one was an asshole. After the show there was a signing and a lot of people left, so we got in line and waited. When it was our turn my hope was to not be a spaz as I was with Ben Folds. So there it was my turn to chat with Amanda and Jack. I gently took Islington out of the case and she said “This is like the fifth fucking uke of the night.” To which hubs replied “This one is a little different.” Then she saw Neil’s signature and smiled. So I told the story from three years ago and we laughed about it.

I asked for an across the table hug and got one! While hugging I told her her book helped me through some bad shit…especially the part where she talks about loosing her baby. Which lead to talking about my tattoo for my three and of course my rainbow baby. The whole time we were chatting we held hands and she patted the tattoo in question. It was brilliant and something I will never forget. I swear most artists love their fans. But Amanda seriously loves hers and it showed during the signing. She and Jack listened to everyone who stopped at the table and it was wonderful to have that experience.

Listen it's the only thing in the world at the moment signed by Amanda, Jack, and Neil.
Listen it’s the only thing in the world at the moment signed by Amanda, Jack, and Neil.

Oh right! She AND Jack signed my uke! All in all it was the best way to spend my birthday eve! Even better? Apparently my little guy wanted to see me on my birthday too as he STAYED UP until we got home…but a little boob and some cuddles and he was out for the count.


UPDATED to add that Amanda also sang Machete, a song she had written for her dear friend Anthony.

Honkin’ Horns!

It’s been an age. But as you know little ones are a lot of work! However, as the little turns six months soon I’m finding he doesn’t need me as often. So I have a little time to type this out.

Chugga, chugga, chugga...
Chugga, chugga, chugga…

The little and I have recently started watching Chuggington. Believe it or not he actually does watch it. I won’t lie I enjoy it too. Though some of the characters are jerks. I mean seriously do Wilson or Koko ever do ANYTHING right? I swear only Brewster knows what’s right…even if he’s a worrier.

Zephie seems to be just a little flighty. As for the adult chuggers well they seem to know whats up even if some of them are priss pants and show boats and don’t even get me started on Action Chugger…what a douche. ¬†Yeah I said it! He sort of reminds me of Zapp Brannigan…

But all kid shows are like this I’m told. Good times! What are some other shows y’all with littles six months and up suggest (that are on Netflix and Amazon Prime)