Well that was a bust

Last weekend I tried to introduce The Niece to Sherlock Holmes.  It went over like a lead balloon.  She was too “bored”.  Oddly enough the kid also eats like a bird (little to nothing), and never seems to want to go to bed.  Sound like a certain famous detective?  Yeah I thought so too.  Granted I did try introducing her via Granada Holmes with Jeremy Brett as Sherlock Holmes.  The Niece was not impressed.  In fact she sat and watch for ten minutes before declaring she was BORED.  I will admit the Granada series is a bit dry at times.

I then attempted to see if she wanted to read one of the short stories. Nope…again bored.  Then again all of the copies of the Canon I have are huge and perhaps a little daunting to a ten year old.  New plan, try to find a kid friendly sized copy to gift The Niece at her upcoming birthday.  Don’t worry I’ll be sure to also get her something she actually wants too.  I’m not a completely heartless aunt!

On the upside she did enjoy playing board games with her uncle and I. Ticket to Ride was the big winner of the games we played.  Though she kept calling it Ticket to Flight….so get on that game makers!  In fact it would appear she wants this game for her birthday.  Makes things easy. Plus I’d much rather give he a board game and not a video game.

That being said anyone have an versions of the Sherlock Holmes stories that are kid friendly in size?  Let me know if the comments.

The game is something…

On?  Well, it was supposed to be.  Sadly it seems my back has gone the way of the hubbins and is not having our mattress one bit.  I’m hopeful we only will need to turn said mattress and maybe add a mattress pad thing to it.  I’d rather we not have to buy a new queen sized mattress thanks ever so much.

I was planning to head out to Troy to finish up some super secret shopping for some long distance friends.  But it would appear that ship has sailed for now.  But I have foolishly done some laundry because I’d rather not be naked come Monday.  That would take some explaining now wouldn’t it.  In the meantime I’ve been watching the Granada Holmes Series and enjoying the adventures all over again.  With any luck I’ll be able to move and possibly have a date with my husband a little later this evening.

Fingers Crossed.

These two (aka Consulting Husbands)
These two!

One for Poppy {and #SherlockHolmes}

Yes, I know it’s been an AGE since last I wrote anything.  But I’ve been busy.  Mostly with being sick and the rest of the time traveling or now doing NaNoWriMo things.  There are (I promise) posts coming on my trip to NYC and Northampton, MA.  But those will have to wait a few days as I’m off to see another Sherlockian friend (as well as a few more) tomorrow in Virginia.  Look out Amtrak here I come! I love to travel and you could say I’ve been quite the busy little bee.

Which leads me to today’s blog post title.  My Poppy was a pretty amazing guy. Sadly he passed away in 1997.  But before that he and I did a whole host of things together.  One weekend he showed me a Basil Rathbone as Sherlock Holmes movie and I remember saying “Aren’t there books?”  You see I’d watched The Great Mouse Detective and Young Sherlock Holmes years before, but I’d never read the stories/novels.

Well, he bought me my first copy.  I read then in an entire Summer.  I then introduced him to my Sherlock Holmes, Jeremy Brett.  I think we might have watched almost all of the Granada Series…at least what Masterpiece was re-airing and what we could buy at Media Play.  So when it came time for my next tattoo I knew it would be a Sherlock Holmes related tattoo.  I also thought of it as a unique reminder of my Pop who started me on this wild love of a fictional character.  So Poppy this one’s for you (and Sherlock Holmes)!

The famous address in a bit of a different way...
The famous address in a bit of a different way…

My thanks to Ms Dixie at Ms Dixie’s Tattoo & Pin Up Parlour for the BEAUTIFUL work.  I love it!

Confessions of a Blogger {@thenerdygirlie} #BloggerConfessions

So The Nerdy Girlie asked readers/bloggers to share their own “confessions of a blogger” which I am, when I’m not being horrible at blogging.

1. I am horrible at keeping to or having any kind of schedule.  I have tried countless times to plan a head.  The only time it really worked was when we went to Ireland and I didn’t want to leave the blog empty for a week away. (It should be noted that I have not finished blogging about said trip to Ireland….*adds it to the list*)

Me at the Cliffs of Moher - Oct. '13.
Me at the Cliffs of Moher – Oct. ’13.

2. I usually have NO IDEA what I’m going to write about until I open up a new post page.  Like I said I’m not a planner when it comes to writing, not at all.  Something usually has to pop into my head, be seen on social media, or arrive via the mail to prompt me to write about it.

This guy was on my EW magazine this week...I've just binged on all of Season 1 - so I wrote about it.
This guy was on my EW magazine this week…I’ve just binged on all of Season 1 – so I wrote about it.

3. I could probably use a team of sorts.  You know to help me stay on track and actually plan out posts.  But it’s just me and these furballs.

They don't have thumbs and they are super lazy...
They don’t have thumbs and they are super lazy…

4. I have NO shame when it comes to tagging folks via their Twitter Handle in my blog title.  I have found it is one of the best ways to get people to read something you’ve written.  Is it shameless, yes.  But does it work?  You betcha.  If you look…you’ll see I did it this time around too…

5. I LOVE to blog/write.  So why don’t I do it more often?  Lack of time is one reason. Not having anything to write about is another.  Which is one thing I like about getting stuff to review IT MAKES ME SIT DOWN PEOPLE (hint).

So go on.  What are your confessions as a blogger?

My ongoing battle with anxiety

*Again this post may contain triggers*

After hitting the post but to on last night’s post I felt great. As though a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I also had an outpouring of messages from friends and strangers alike. Some saying I was brave and courageous for coming out, so to speak. But while these messages were pouring in the anxiety came too. And let me tell you friends she is nasty little bitch! My heart started to pound, my palms got sweaty. I started to feel like I was saying “look at me” and that I was a “fraud” with that post (because I do not see myself as brave. I am a chicken). Then, then I took a deep breathe and another as I realized who was trying to crash my cathartic party –  anxiety.

As if to say “you can’t get rid of me”, and she’s right. Because I tired to get to bed last night and there she was keeping me awake until 2am. Plus when she turns up stress usually follows or sometimes she hides in my stress. And sometimes she’s sweet enough to bring my OCD out to play too. Those are special times let me tell you.

Here’s something else folks don’t know about me. I dislike huge social events. They drain me and when I’m drained you know who slips in. So going to a Sherlock Holmes convention last April was a big deal for me. I don’t ever do that. Hell getting ready to go a convention for Sherlock Holmes this weekend has caused a spike in my anxiety. I have no need to be anxious but I am. Look I’ve already started to pack, laying out things, unpacking, repacking.  Mostly trying to psych myself up to go and just be me. After all I know these people. I’ve met most of them last April.  Plus we talk all the time on the Twitter or in a group chat.  But this is what my life is like with anxiety waiting on the sidelines ready to jump in the game.

Right now typing this is causing palpitations. I’ve learned to live with my anxiety. I’ve learned how a few coping mechanisms to “get by”.  For example when I feel my OCD acting up instead of staying in the house and leaving when my husband is ready…I go out and open the garage and get in the car so I won’t be tempted to jiggle the door handle 7 times before I feel I leave. I trust that he’s going to secure the house and I can let it go and send anxiety back to the bench.  Even if it’s only for a few hours.

I know it’s a slippery slope that could lead me right back to depression. So do some of the people in my life. Last Friday I found out I didn’t get a job I had applied for. I was upset and crying about it when I called my mom. Her instant response was “Are you ok, do you need me to come over?” Which I knew was above general mom concern. She was worried something a silly as not getting a new job (when I still have a perfectly good job I love) could lead me to some dark placed. But I assured her I was fine. I ordered food, poured a glass of wine, and chatted with friends about the situation and you know I felt better.

So it isn’t easy. Some days just are easier.

New Cell Phone Needed {aka The Grey Hat needs some help}

My upgrade has come due.  Yippie!  New cell phone for me!  But what to choose?  Do I stay with Apple and just move on up to the 5s?  OR do I go back to Android on the LG G Vista or HTC One?  Of course my 4s is perfectly fine minus the small display.  There in lay the problem.  My eyes have always been bad.  Hell, I’ve had ten eye operations over the course of my time on this planet.

So this is important.  From what I can tell by looking online the LG G Vista and HTC One have a large display and some of the other fine features I’ve come to notice I need in a smart phone.  Where I hear the iPhone display is not much bigger/better on the iPhone.  I’m obviously going to have to go into the store to check these out for myself…that’s a given.  But I want your suggestions folks.

What phone would you suggest and why?  Better yet, what cell phone do you have and why?


New means of motivation

Today, well yesterday I decided I needed to get myself in SHAPE.  But I am CRAP at going to the gym.  So today I went and bought a fitbit.  Yup, I did my research and picked one up.

Hello bright reminder I should be moving!
Hello bright reminder I should be moving!

Now it had a hiccup or two starting out.  But now that everything is synced I’m not ready to kick myself in the ass for buying it.  I was looking at the fitbit one, but too many people said it was too easy to lose. So here I am with the flex and so far I am loving it.  There’s even this great online community where you can log your eats and other activity during the day.  I’m excited.  I really think this will help me meet and keep goals.

Now where did I put my workout gear?