Let the meltdowns begin! #toddlermomlife

unknownI knew the days were coming when the slightest thing would set my little one off. I thought I might have until two when those days began. But alas that day was today…14 months and one day in. I was in the bathroom and brought the toddler with me because that’s what you do once they’re capable of climbing everything. No more peeing in private for me…good times.

Anyway he typically grabs his ducky from the tub shelf and wanders around the bathroom babbling to himself or me. Not today, today he started playing with his shampoo bottle. I asked him to stop and come here and as he turned he knocked it into the tub and instant tears. Yes, I calmly told him he wasn’t in trouble. He seemed to get what I was saying as he waddled over and placed his head and COLD hands against my bare leg.

However, the rest of the morning came and went with two more of these mini meltdowns. Once from tripping and another after dropping a toy…it begins. Though good thing for wraps. Because quick ups save my bacon and calm my little man in a heartbeat. Plus I will take all the snuggles Mr. Independent wants to give me.

When did your little’s start showing signs of the terrible two’s? How do you deal with them? Let me know in the comments.