Let the meltdowns begin! #toddlermomlife

unknownI knew the days were coming when the slightest thing would set my little one off. I thought I might have until two when those days began. But alas that day was today…14 months and one day in. I was in the bathroom and brought the toddler with me because that’s what you do once they’re capable of climbing everything. No more peeing in private for me…good times.

Anyway he typically grabs his ducky from the tub shelf and wanders around the bathroom babbling to himself or me. Not today, today he started playing with his shampoo bottle. I asked him to stop and come here and as he turned he knocked it into the tub and instant tears. Yes, I calmly told him he wasn’t in trouble. He seemed to get what I was saying as he waddled over and placed his head and COLD hands against my bare leg.

However, the rest of the morning came and went with two more of these mini meltdowns. Once from tripping and another after dropping a toy…it begins. Though good thing for wraps. Because quick ups save my bacon and calm my little man in a heartbeat. Plus I will take all the snuggles Mr. Independent wants to give me.

When did your little’s start showing signs of the terrible two’s? How do you deal with them? Let me know in the comments.

Ohana Means Family…

…family means nobody gets left behind. Not even when it comes to the baby/toddler wraps. Ok admit it you are super confused right now. That’s ok I promise I’m about to give you some clarity.

First some background…I got into the babywearing game late. Somewhere around 5-6 months after my son was born. Mostly because I didn’t know how awesome they were or easy to use. I was certain buckle carriers were the way to go. In fact we have one of those too. But I tend to reach for our wraps and ring slings more.

So a few months back (around the end of the summer maybe)  I sold our very first wrap, Serendipity, from one of my favorite companies, Cari Slings. I bought it used from a momma in the chatter group I belong to. As we like to quote Lilo and Stitch the wrap was “little and broken, but still good. Yeah, still good.” By broken I mean it was a little over dried and the colors were a little muted. But it was still great for wrapping and it was ours and we loved it.

Me and the little (his face is covered for privacy) wrapped up in Serendipity.
Me and the little (his face is covered for privacy) wrapped up in Serendipity.

Then I sold it to pay for another wrap I thought I HAD to have. I was wrong and sold that wrap after a maybe a month. Serendipity haunted me from the moment it sold. I kept seeing a few pop up here and there, but they weren’t mine. However, in a surprising turn of events the wrap in question turned up for sale Sunday night. Long story short..it arrived home this morning and it’s never leaving this Ohana again.

Plus my skills as a wrapper have come a long way from when this wrap first lived here. I couldn’t back wrap without help to save my life. But here I am rocking a double hammock like nobody’s business. It’s been a very good Wednesday friends. Very good indeed.