Ohana Means Family…

…family means nobody gets left behind. Not even when it comes to the baby/toddler wraps. Ok admit it you are super confused right now. That’s ok I promise I’m about to give you some clarity.

First some background…I got into the babywearing game late. Somewhere around 5-6 months after my son was born. Mostly because I didn’t know how awesome they were or easy to use. I was certain buckle carriers were the way to go. In fact we have one of those too. But I tend to reach for our wraps and ring slings more.

So a few months back (around the end of the summer maybe)  I sold our very first wrap, Serendipity, from one of my favorite companies, Cari Slings. I bought it used from a momma in the chatter group I belong to. As we like to quote Lilo and Stitch the wrap was “little and broken, but still good. Yeah, still good.” By broken I mean it was a little over dried and the colors were a little muted. But it was still great for wrapping and it was ours and we loved it.

Me and the little (his face is covered for privacy) wrapped up in Serendipity.
Me and the little (his face is covered for privacy) wrapped up in Serendipity.

Then I sold it to pay for another wrap I thought I HAD to have. I was wrong and sold that wrap after a maybe a month. Serendipity haunted me from the moment it sold. I kept seeing a few pop up here and there, but they weren’t mine. However, in a surprising turn of events the wrap in question turned up for sale Sunday night. Long story short..it arrived home this morning and it’s never leaving this Ohana again.

Plus my skills as a wrapper have come a long way from when this wrap first lived here. I couldn’t back wrap without help to save my life. But here I am rocking a double hammock like nobody’s business. It’s been a very good Wednesday friends. Very good indeed.

Tooth Fairy Handmade

So darn pretty!
So darn pretty!

If you know me, you’ll know that I recently (within the last three months) got into wrapping/wearing our little guy a lot. By that I mean I use a wrap to literally wrap him to me. Which leaves me pretty hands free to do other things, but still keep him close!

Well, some wraps can be mighty pricey and super hard to find. Take for example two wraps from one of my favorite companies: Cari Slngs. Noble Maiden (I never see come up for sale) and The Pilot (again I NEVER see it and it’s my unicorn). Noble Maiden is a Lord of the Rings themed wrap, while The Pilot is based on Wash from Firefly. So what do you do when you can’t find these wraps EVER?

It's a leaf on the wind.
It’s a leaf on the wind.

You find someone super talented with wrap scrap to make you a necklace out of them! Honestly the Noble Maiden necklace just happened to be for sale. I loved it so much I asked shop owner Sara to make me a custom necklace out of The Pilot scrap and she did not disappoint! In fact she knocked it clear out of the park.

Just look at how pretty her work is! She also makes earrings and other assorted goodies out of various wrap scraps for all your pretty needs. You can find her on Facebook or visit her Etsy shop to see her full inventory. You will not be disappointed…but your wallet might be!