The State of the Eyeball…

…or how the hell is the eye doing anyway?

As most of you might recall yours truly had not one but two eye surgeries between 2/4 and 3/18. This also meant I was out of work until 4/11! Yup what should have been two weeks off, turned into two months off. Let me tell you it was not all sunshine and rainbows kids. In fact, it sucked a lot.

Long story short…the first surgery over corrected my left eye a little too much and I had some massive double vision problems going on. We’re talking walking into walls, almost falling up/down stairs/migraines almost every day and the like. Like I said it sucked. Good news was a second surgery was done which helped cut down on the double vision, though it’s still hanging out a bit, but not to the level it was after surgery number one!

Good news is I don’t need a prism in my left eye glass (though it probably wouldn’t hurt). Bad news as I said sometimes folks end up with a second head coming out of their necks. I’m just happy to have it all over and done! I’m also glad to be back at work with something to do! Being at home was nice and once I could watch Netflix, that was fun too. However, only having interaction with my husband, family, and our cats was not good times. I love them all, but it’s nice to change it up again and get back into the swing of things.

I will say this…I miss those 2pm naps with all three cats. Those were the best!

Haylo Hooman!

Happy Tuesday folks!  Enjoy this picture of the youngest of our furbabies to start your Tuesday off on a dose of C-U-T-E.

O Hai!
O Hai!

The Hubbins sent this picture to me over the weekend.  I thought it was too darn cute not to share!  Also if you aren’t reading Text From My Dog you are missing out!

That was yesterday, this is today…

Yesterday I talked about boobs. To be more specific (it turns out) the left boob belonging to Amanda Palmer and my own left boob. Lots of people liked it and a few (500+) of you read it. Thanks. I even got some interesting comments from friends including on suggestion that I rebrand myself as the Gal in the Grey Bra. Sorry to say, but that isn’t happening anytime soon. Mostly because I just got this sweet new logo AND I don’t own a grey bra. Ha!

Today I’m back to more normal crap that happened to me today. Which mostly involved difficult clients at work, an amazing lunch, and a trip to Target for some camping chairs. There we were (the Hubbins and I) in the “outdoor” section of Target lining up chairs and sitting in them. You know to test them out. I felt a little like Goldilocks – minus the bears. We got a few looks from the swarm of back to school shoppers. But in the end found some comfy and cheap-ish chairs for the new fire pit the Hubbins picked up last weekend.

No photos we were trying not to cause a scene…sorry kids. Honestly sometimes I only add photos so I can pin these to Pinterest.  But sometimes the pictures have something to do with the post. Like this one….

Oh my hello Fall in my mouth!
Oh my hello Fall in my mouth!

Sorry the picture is blurry. I am not left handed and should not have attempted to take a photo with said hand. But the Fall cider is here and if Fall had a true taste – this would be it. Forget apples and pumpkin…THIS IS IT. End of story. Thanks for playing. The trick will be not to drink all six of them in one night.

Ty’s medicine also arrived today. Our poor Senior cat takes thyroid meds for his overactive thyroid. Well, today PetMeds sent us his meds with a new little “treat” in the box. Usually we get catnip. Hello the meds are for a cat. But today, today we got a dog bone. Oh yeah you read that right. So my Hubbins put it on the floor and Ty and Allie sniffed it. Then wandered off. I was opening my cider when I heard something moving on the floor and another noise. I grabbed my phone in time to snag this…


Yes, that would be Georgia. Yes, she was licking the DOG bone and trying to gnaw on it! We have weird cats. Not much more I can say about them than that!

Tonight I hope the weather holds long enough to start a fire in the fire pit. I haven’t been able to sit out there yet and I’ve been dying to get the chance. Fingers crossed. Oh and I promise someday soon I’ll talk about the day at the track….maybe.



I MAY have thought we had vampires or worse sparkly vampires for neighbors

In all honesty I have not seen these people in the almost two years we have lived here. But today their garage door is open and they’re out tending to their lawn. Best part is I see no fangs or sparkle!

In other news there’s a new doctor. To which my response is 10 is still my Doctor.

We’re also headed out for eats this evening with our newlywed Whovians – which should be interesting seeing as my Hubbins does not want to know who the new Doctor. Killjoy. I live for spoilers. Then again I don’t usually need them I figured out who River really was before we really found out. I also figured out who all the Cylons were in the reboot of Battlestar Galactica before they were revealed too. What can I say I’m magical.

Anyway…here’s a cat picture for you on this fine Sunday.

She was NOT happy to pose for this.
She was NOT happy to pose for this.

It’s not the most wonderful time of the year…if you happen to be a cat

Sure I was up until 1am today…but I slept in till about 8am-ish. Why not later? Well, today was that magical time that happens for our cats but once a year if we’re lucky….Vet Visit Day! Yours truly served as master wrangler of the cats. I lured them all out onto the enclosed porch for treats while the Hubbins brought up the rear and closed the door behind them. Leaving me to get each into their bags…not so easy. Well, Ty practically walked himself into his. But Allie and Georgia put up quite the fuss. But I did it myself…I’m pawesome.

Only two of our cats found this a little unnerving. Those being Allie and Georgia, who ran for the door only to find their escape method gone. Allow me to go back a day with what I have discovered with our cats….they’re characters from The Wizard of Oz.

Ty is our Scarecrow or Scarecat…if he only had a brain. This cat is the BIGGEST sucker in the bunch. He is easily trapped under laundry baskets, given his meds hidden in cheese, and even picked up and placed in his carrier.

Allie is our Tin Man er Woman I mean Tin Cat….if she only had a heart. She’s kind of a little witch. Also a BIG whiner. About EVERYTHING…picking her up, petting her, the list goes on. But she is the least lovey of our cats, unless it happens to be on her terms.

Which leaves Georgia our Cowardly Lion or Cowardly Kitty…if she only had the nerve. Seriously this cat is scared of life at times. She’s gotten better with the Hubbins and I. But there are times when even we pick her up that the tail goes right between the legs and the ears go back in clear terror. Cats are weird.

I love our Vet for many reasons including the ‘We Welcome Our Friends Today’ Sign that welcomes you at the front desk…

D'awwww there they are at the bottom.
D’awwww there they are at the bottom.

We arrived at the Vet just in time. In fact we were early as they had to put us in the “Dog Room” for a bit. Once in the “Cat Room” the Vet Tech comes in to get their weights as we wait for the best thing about our Vet, the Vet. Dr. Burns is seriously an animal whisperer. He takes his time with each of our cats and in turn each of our cats turns to putty in his hands.

All our cats got a clean bill of health and a suggestion for cat food to mix in with their current brand of cat food. Which will help everyone with their issue… Science Diet Hairball Control Lite. For Ty it will help with the vomit issue. For Allie, well she’s a little gassy and appurrently can’t get rid of it…she’s a lady people. And for Georgia…the fiber with help with her need to NOT scoot on my carpets. Yeah she had the extra bonus of getting her glands cleaned up.

Ty cares not, Allie cares a little, and Georgia is hiding deep in her carrier.
Ty cares not, Allie cares a little, and Georgia is hiding deep in her carrier.

A little under an hour later and a little over $300 lighter (these cats needs to get jobs) we’re on our way home. Added bonus to this trip…Allie opted NOT to puke all over her carrier or herself on the way to or from the Vet. Progress! To show them how much I love them they also got to share a can of the good wet food when we got home. So I think they forgive me for their once a year trip.

Blog Dump

Allow me to apologize for the lack of posting this last week. I posted once…but the heat really killed my desire to sit and type at the computer to all you fine people. So allow me to recap the week for you. IT WAS HOT! As in, in the 90’s almost 100 degrees hot. Let me tell you friends that is not at all normal for Upstate NY ever. It was the kind of heat where the moment you got out of the shower…you felt you needed another. Gross.

So I was basically sitting in front of the fan most nights after work. I did score dinner with Red Monday or Tuesday night this week. She is quite the pisser and a damn good time. We share one of those special bonds of being the oldest siblings in our respective families. Which means we’ve got “war” stories of being the better child to share and bond over with one another. Plus the sushi was delicious and the frozen yogurt was even better!

Wednesday is a blur of more heat…I was ready to climb into the freezer by this point mid-week. I was thankful for the a/c in the bedroom, but the next house is going to have central air…I care not how much that will cost. I’m going to make it happen or move somewhere cooler. Which it looks like we’re running out of – quickly.

On Thursday evening I stayed home thinking I would have plans for the evening while the Hubbins headed to his folks house. Turns out those fell through and I was home alone with the cats. Who I might add were probably hotter than I. BUT we do have a cat door into our bedroom so they can get to the a/c. Sadly one middle kitty is not that swift. She sat herself in the hottest rooms in the house this week and whined the entire time. I had no sympathy for this. She knew where the cool was.

So the cats and I “chilled” (ha). I wrote and they whined or slept. I really enjoyed myself. Somehow I even managed to stay up until the Hubbins came home and as a result went to bed very late and slept poorly. But I did win a bet that that would happen and scored a dollar out of the deal. I advise against Midnight Parcheesi playing if you sleep poorly as it is wink wink.

Friday was more of the same. Yup you guessed it…HEAT. But it was Friday, which meant the weekend was finally here! The Hubbins and I opted to head to our friends house for a visit. Plus they have central air. We were invited…we did not invite ourselves! I also finally got to play Sentinels of the Multiverse! This is a game that FayMom had been trying to get me to play for ages…the Hubbins too after playing at FayMom’s house (which is where we were). It’s a fun co-op game to play where you all work together to destroy the bad guy/gal. I suggest checking it out.

This morning we ran grown-up errand to the bank. Which is all I will say on the subject for now…but one local bank WILL never be getting my business ever again! The rest of the day will be spent being boring and lazy and I would not have it any other way. Besides a story idea hit me square in the face early this week and I’m planning to let it out today!

I’ll leave you with this for now…

A kitty caught licking her nose.
A kitty caught licking her nose.

Boring post I know…but I’m working on some more interesting things for later this weekend/next week.

Rainy Days and Squirbos

Today has been a roller coaster of sun and rain. Not that I mind because at least the rain has cooled things off for once. Finally. I know people were bitching about the rain a few weeks ago…because it was with us forever, but I think we were due for a little break from the heat. But that’s just me.

The Hubbins and I spent our four days off very low-key. Him in his hammock chair outside enjoying nature. Me inside far away from the damn ticks. I got the Lyme disease once and that was enough thank you very much! So I’ve been watching Supernatural on Netflix and the jury is still out on how I feel about it. But I am on Season 1. I hear it gets better as the show moves on. Let’s hope so Supernatural, let’s hope so.

We also broke out a VHS player. Yup you read that right! Why? Well, we wanted to watch the original Star Wars movies without all that new additional crap. Thanks for that George. So lucky for us I happened to have a copy of the trilogy that I borrowed from my Mom. Borrowed around 15 years ago….yeah she isn’t getting them back. Sorry mom. (Bet you didn’t even know they we missing.)


We watched them all in two evenings. I have to say they sure are timeless. I’ve also found  a new appreciation for Empire Strikes Back…who knew. Either way we enjoyed ourselves a lot and have made a pledge to watch them all at least once a year. I refuse to watch 1-3…no thanks George. No thanks.

Today was spent watching the rain roll in followed by the sun over and over. Hubbins finally caught a break and headed outside for a little reading in the hammock. While I again opted to enjoy the great indoors and the internets. No ticks here kids. Then the rain finally came along with a loud boom that sounded like it hit the house! Kid you not I damn near wet myself it was that loud and that close!

I had just been minding my business watching this guy when the rains came.
I had just been minding my business watching this guy when the rains came.

So now I’m back to sweating because I’m sitting in front of three windows that I can’t open due to the rain. Figures doesn’t it? The Hubbins tells me I have a great view…yes of rain soaked windows…thank you, that’s very helpful.

This also happened because you know he's the boss and I'm only here because he lets me live here....
This also happened because you know he’s the boss and I’m only here because he lets me live here….

Enjoy your Sunday. Hopefully it’s cool where you are.