Oh Coffee, Sweet Coffee

I wasn’t much of a coffee person until I started my last job before the toddler entered our lives. Sure I’d get a Starbucks beverage or something from a local cafe now and again…but I wasn’t very OMG I NEED THE COFFEE NOW until I started a the last gig. I think I only started drinking it because I was the one to make it almost every morning when I got into work. I was the first one in and it seemed like the right thing to do.

Once I got pregnant I switched to tea. I could not stand the taste or smell of coffee until I was close to 7 months pregnant! Can you imagine. But slowly my like and want of a cup came back right before little was due and I even went as far as to ask my parents for a Keurig. Hey I figured I’d have limited time to make coffee and deal with a newborn (I was correct). My wish was answered and the Keurig arrived.

Sometimes your mug is as important as the coffee you brew.
Sometimes your mug is as important as the coffee you brew.

And let me tell you I have put that bad boy through it’s paces over the last 14 months. So much so that I think I forgot to change the filter as regularly as I should have. Y’all DO NOT want to know what that looked like when I removed it this morning while i wait for the replacement. Just know I won’t be letting that happen agin anytime soon…yikes.

But now here I sit waiting still for the mailman to arrive with my filters and variety k-cup box. Hey I was going to make that Amazon order worth it dammit! I prefer the k-cups, but I also have the make your own pod thing too. I also have a pound of Death Wish Coffee at the ready when I feel like cracking into it. It’s good stuff…but I don’t know if I’d call it the strongest coffee out there. It certainly isn’t stronger than my toddler that’s for sure!

So I stick with pods for convenience and because I always have a coupon for them ALWAYS. What keeps you running after your little one? Coffee, tea, energy drinks? Let me know your favorite(s) in the comments.

Another Christmas in the books…

…and what a Christmas it was! Still no sign of SproutCroft turning up. Though between the Braxton-Hicks and real deal contractions things have certainly been interesting around here the last few weeks. On the upside my doctor pulled me out of work to rest and “let things happen”. Downside of this is I am so freaking bored and almost caught up on Law and Order: SVU.

Pretty sweet I know.
Pretty sweet I know.

But to back to Christmas! Last weekend my folks came out to celebrate with the mister and I as I am at the super uncomfortable stage of pregnancy. Plus driving more than 15 minutes away is a really not something I can do at the moment. So the folks came out and gave the hubs and I awesome Christmas gifts….a new Keurig and two mugs that fit us perfectly (pilot related for hubs and Sherlock related for me. In short we now have the most perfect caffeination station on the planet…er in our house. I still drink tea…but several new mom friends and family members have told me I’m going to want my first cup of the day to be coffee…strong coffee.

The rest of the week leading up to Christmas was spent wrapping last minute gifts and more relaxing. Honestly that’s all I have the energy for at this stage of the game. Christmas Eve the mister and I stayed in and enjoyed Chinese food and the Holiday classic Die Hard like you do. (Hey it totally takes place at Christmas – fight me) I then went to bed because I knew I’d be up between either 2 and 4 or up for the day at 5:30. Sadly I was up between 2 and 4… I woke again around 5:45 and crashed down on the couch with our cats until 7-ish and was then up for the day.

So I enjoyed a cup of coffee, snuggles with the cats and waited for the mister to wake so we could have Christmas morning gift opening. Finally around 9:30 he wandered downstairs (thanks asshole dogs next door) and we got to gift exchanging. I have to say the mister certainly knows me!

Murder Husbands, Shakespeare, musicals, and tea things oh my!
Murder Husbands, Shakespeare, musicals, and tea things oh my!
"My name is Alexander Hamilton..."
“My name is Alexander Hamilton…”

Yup it is safe to say that he is in fact a keeper! We then enjoyed breakfast and goofing around with our new things until his folks came by to celebrate Christmas with us and have dinner. Mommy got a new Kindle that I really hope I have time to use once Mr. Man arrives, we’ll see. After they had headed home the mister and I played his new game Exploding Kittens (NSFW edition). Let me tell you, if you don’t own this game and are a bit of a horrible person you should totally pick this one up (Amazon has both editions). It’s a quick game and loads of fun.

I then figured I should go to bed in preparation for my 2am wake-up for no reason call. Which happened because I found I was SUPER hungry. So I attacked a piece of pumpkin pie and a leftover egg roll like you do at 2am and went back to bed until close to 7 (a Boxing Day miracle). After enjoying a cup of coffee I felt the strange urge to clean my tea/coffee cabinet as well as my desk….nesting anyone? Plans for the rest of the day? Kill off the rest of the pumpkin pie for breakfast and go for a walk around the neighborhood with the mister (gotta help this kid along right).

How was your Christmas? Did you survive? Get some great gifts? Let me know in the comments!