The plague boss, the plague


It may not be the actual plague. The above is what a sinus infection looks like when it turns into bronchitis. Of course now my chest and back feel like elephants are sitting on them. So that’s “good” times. Regular posts will resume when I can sit up properly for more than five minutes.

Until then it’s tea, antibiotics, inhaler, and waiting on a call back from my doctor. Sigh.

That time Neil Gaiman tried to kill me

First of all WELCOME! You should have found your way here from my old blog. Then again perhaps you came from Twitter or Facebook…either way(s) I’m glad you found your way here to my new home or at least name on the internets.

Where was I? Right Neil Gaiman* totally tried to kill blind me last night. There I was minding my own business, stopping to snuggle with my husband when bam I get stabbed in the EYE by Neil Gaiman! What did I EVER do to him?

Ok in reality I was talking to my husband who was finishing up with Neverwhere (FINALLY). When my husband mentioned something about the cat behind me. In true me fashion I turned to look at the cat (Ty aka Tyrion Laniscat) when bam my eye and the corner of the book meet. I spring back into the couch like I was just bit by a snake or something. Then the pain in the eye comes. My husband thinks it will clear by morning. Spoiler it doesn’t.

So next thing I know we’re at my eye doctors office. I swear they keep these emergency appointments just for me. I should also mention there must have been a senior special at the doctors office. Because it was all old people and they smelled of death. ANYWAY, the verdict is an abraded cornea!! Apparently it’s a nasty one because not only do I get fake tears and pain relief drops, but I also get a freaking antibiotic!! That has to be the trifecta of scratched corneas.

Of course when I recount this tale to my mother she turns into a wise ass and asks “Did you get an eye patch matey?” HILARIOUS. So not only does my husband pick on me every time I enter a room warning me about all the things I could poke my eye with, but now my mother is in on it too…awesome. The only sympathetic folks were at my work. Thanks work people!!

The book in question. (Side note it is awesome...go read it)
The book in question. (Side note it is awesome…go read it)

*Please note Mr. Gaiman has NEVER tried to cause me bodily harm. Nor do I ever think he would. At least I hope not!