Well flip!

Today I was planning on sharing some of my old “taking tea with….” posts with all of you fine people from my old tea blog.  Some of them very very good (my mommy said so).  Most of them had to do with taking tea with Sherlock (both classic and BBC) Holmes.  But it seems as though those posts have vanished into the interwebs, never to be seen again.


On the upside I guess it just means I will have to go ahead and write up new “taking tea with” stories here.

These guys and....
These guys and….
...these guys.
…these guys.
MAYBE even tea with this guy too!
MAYBE even tea with this guy too!


The Hubbins and I finally watched ‘The Angels Take Manhattan’ tonight. I know we are SERIOUSLY behind in our Doctor Who viewing. But we like to take our time and enjoy each episode. What can I say? Ok, fine we don’t have cable and must wait on Netflix and/or Amazon Prime.

What I can say about the episode is summed up in the title of this post.

This man ruins lives.
This man ruins lives.

Seriously I was crying like the girl I am when the episode was over. BUT I look over to see my husband was too. Nice Moffat, real nice. Making two gown adults cry like that.  I can’t tell you the last time he made me cry like a little girl. Oh wait…

Right, now where did I put my shock blanket?
Right, now where did I put my shock blanket?

Anywho, it was a lovely episode. I suggest watching if you haven’t.

I was hoping to write more today, but my neck/shoulder seem to have quite the knot in them and are not making me want to sit and type for long periods of time. Which sucks as I have a lovely post that came out of a Tweet along last night.

Which reminds me…I guess some people don’t like it when you participate in a tweet along of a movie or show. Turns out they unfollow you because of it. Well, last night I let it feel my anxiety monster. Tonight I realize I’m better off. So yay for me and for all the cool kids who stuck with me after said tweet along! You people are the best!

Hopefully I can sit a little longer to get this post hammered out. You know while it’s still fresh in my brain.


I MAY have thought we had vampires or worse sparkly vampires for neighbors

In all honesty I have not seen these people in the almost two years we have lived here. But today their garage door is open and they’re out tending to their lawn. Best part is I see no fangs or sparkle!

In other news there’s a new doctor. To which my response is 10 is still my Doctor.

We’re also headed out for eats this evening with our newlywed Whovians – which should be interesting seeing as my Hubbins does not want to know who the new Doctor. Killjoy. I live for spoilers. Then again I don’t usually need them I figured out who River really was before we really found out. I also figured out who all the Cylons were in the reboot of Battlestar Galactica before they were revealed too. What can I say I’m magical.

Anyway…here’s a cat picture for you on this fine Sunday.

She was NOT happy to pose for this.
She was NOT happy to pose for this.

She’s Got Audrey Hepburn Legs

Of course that doesn’t roll off the tongue as well as ‘She’s got Betty Davis Eyes’, but this is my blog so whatever.

Today I was actually told I have legs like Audrey Hepburn. I kid you not. There I was waiting for my order of fries and Doc Brown’s Cream Soda (don’t judge me) in a local eatery, minding my own business when…

“Excuse me.” Said the cutest granny looking lady I ever saw. No, not even my grandma is this cute. In fact my grandma is a card shark. Don’t play with her unless you want to leave the game crying. This goes for nice and easy card games like Uno people. No joke. Anyway…

Cute Granny Lady: I hope you don’t mind me saying but you have the perfect legs for ballet flats.

Me: Um, thank you. (Then I notice I AM wearing ballet flats, so not so weird after all.)

Cute Granny Lady: Really, they remind me of Audrey Hepburn. Great in a skirt or I bet even in those capri pants too!

Me: (ok this just got a little weird) Your very sweet, thank you.

Counter lady: Order 571!

Me: Bingo! (I did not actually say this out loud. But I did get my order, and thank the granny looking lady again for her compliment and told her to have a nice day.)

I bet the nice lady wouldn’t have thought my legs were very Hepburn like if she’d seen me almost go ass over tea kettle on my run to beat the rain back to work. Nope that was far from graceful. When I got back to the office I couldn’t help but think that while it was a weird comment, it was still the nicest thing someone had said to me all day. So I rode out how awesome it made me feel the rest of the day.

I even felt the need to take pictures of my legs when I got back to the office, you know like non normal people do.

On second thought...my legs do look pretty good. Good job parental genes!
On second thought…my legs do look pretty good. Good job parental genes!

Which now I think I need to buy ALL the ballet flats, skirts, and capri pants I can find. I also need to cut my hair shorter. I think I could rock Ms. Hepburn’s shorter do. However, I’m pretty sure my husband will not love that. He’d love it if my I could “cut my hair longer”. Right. Check it out…I’m pretty sure Ms. Hepburn’s hair is shorter than mine.

Maybe, and maybe not. (lasthairmodels.com)
Maybe, and maybe not. (lasthairmodels.com)

And here’s my hair today…

Then again maybe it is too long. :p
Then again maybe it is too long. :p

In all seriousness many thanks to the lovely lady who gave me such a nice compliment, it really brightened my day.

Nothing else really happened today. At least I don’t think it did…

I know these marks are here for a reason...but what?
I know these marks are here for a reason…but what?