Saturday is for doing all the things

And when I say all the things I mean laundry and cleaning my bathroom. Because having a guest come tomorrow that you forgot about until last night makes you one heck of a cleaning machine. I mean I know my friend won’t care. She’s not here to see my bathroom or my clothes. No she’s here to meet the toddler she’s only seen in pictures and me of course. But still, I’m sure she’ll need to use the bathroom while she’s here and well it needs to be cleaned.

So my husband took the toddler to a birthday party for a bit so I could DO ALL THE THINGS. Yet here I am updating the blog. To be fair this is also a thing that needs doing…so technically I’m using my time wisely. He may say otherwise, but he’s not here is he? Muahahaha!

Before I go to actually tackle the list I set out to do while they’re gone I have to show off my fluff mail! Fluff mail is basically any baby/toddler related mail. Which usually means it’s also momma mail. My price from Pretty Paisley arrived this morning. It’s a cowl called Timey Wimey based on the tv show Doctor Who. It is so freaking soft…which is a problem as I MIGHT need the wrap!

How pretty is that cowl? VERY.

The other item is also for me…sorry kid. It’s a bag that matches out pretty Serendipity wrap. I’m super excited to have a bag that matches the wrap. Enjoy your Saturday friends. I may have one more post for you today IF I get the boring chores out of the way first.

Great colors!