THAT just happened…

So I’m sitting up here in my very clean office… It was time.

Holy mess!
Holy mess!

I mean I was grossed out to be in here and would never stay in here to work. Which was part of my writers block from last month…this room was just zapping my creative spirit. Or something like that. But now, now it is clean and inspiring!

Sure the photo doesn’t make it look that bad, but it really was. All those bins on in the cube were filled with tea samples way past their prime. So they had to go. Now they are filled with writing material, art stuff, and make my office so much nicer to be in. Which makes me want to keep my office just a little.

I’m supposed to move downstairs to share space with my hubbins. Because it’s worked for us int he past. And yeah it would be nice to hang out with him even if we aren’t talking to one another. But I really love that my office is so clean, yet we REALLY need a craft/project room. So I’ll enjoy the clean for as long as I have.

Look how nice is it now!
Look how nice is it now!

Where was I? Right, so here I am up in my nice clean office listening to Radio Paradise (listen here) when I hear this conversation “between” hubbins and the middle kitty:

Hubbins: No Allie, you can’t have that because it will give you the shits and that’s not cool.

Allie: Meow? (and I’m sure some head tilting and blinking)

Hubbins: I said no.

Long story short, she had an accident while sitting in his lap a few weeks ago. She isn’t an old cat at all. She’s three and she shit a little in his lap. We suspect from the bits of cheese we were both sneaking her DAILY. So now she and the other cats only get treats.

Well, Ty gets cheese, but it seems to be the only way he’ll take his Thyroid meds. But they do get pumpkin and that should be good enough for her. But she’s a pig and we were bad pet parents to give her the cheese in the first place. Which is WHY we need a dog! They can eat all that stuff. Plus then I wouldn’t need to wash my floor as often.

Just had to share….I thought the conversation was funny. But we’ve already established I’m weird.