Also it was jeans day today

Strange things happen in the city where I work. Mind you I’ve worked downtown now for a year, but it sure is amazing the difference a block can make or even the route you take for your morning caffeine kick.

Take for example the guy I when I was heading for coffee the other morning. This dude stunk to high heaven of reefer. It was 7:45 in the morning. Now I have no problem with folks doing as they please, but really that early? Plus the entire block smelled of burnt reefer. I just like the word reefer. It makes me giggle. Or perhaps I have a left over contact high from TWO days ago!

Once I was at Starbucks (gasp I know, but my local place closed down) I wanted to eat ALL the things. But I didn’t, because those things contain gluten, which hates me. Anyway I was really early so I thought I would relax at one of the tables. Sure, not so much…some young “lady” chose to sit near me with her music jacked SO high I don’t know how she wasn’t deaf. Seeing as when I moved clear across the store I could still hear her crap music over the music in Starbucks! Did I mention she had headphones on? Yeah, she did.

Let’s talk about the senior in the inner waiting room at the eye doctor shall we? First let me explain they have two waiting areas. One is after you check in and the other is after you have your eyes dilated. Which is a cruel place because they always have the best magazines there and you can’t enjoy them. Anyway I was sent to this area to wait even though my eyes were not, for once, dilated. There was one chair left and I sat in it. However, when I did the woman next to me quickly turned to me and scowled then turned back like nothing had happened. You’d think I had sat on her imaginary friend!

Yesterday I took a short cut to work after getting coffee. This short cut takes me between several downtown buildings including City Hall and the County Courthouse. Well, at just the right time my Creeper Meter goes off and I look up and see this super old homeless looking dude smoking in a secluded area next to the Courthouse. I mean he practically blended in with the building. Also I’m pretty sure he was also smoking the reefer. Bully to you Mr. Creeper for smoking that on the Courthouse property.

Which brings me to the woman who yelled f*ck at the top of her lungs while out on a busy street at lunch time today. Alright, that was ME when something was kicked up by the wind into my other eye! Yes everyone within ear shot stopped and looked right at me. Apparently I am no better or worse than the folks I mentioned above. Nor did I think I was. I was just illustrating a point that there are some random folks in Albany and yes I will proudly tell you I am one of them.

Also it was jeans day today.
Also it was jeans day today.