The State of the Eyeball…

…or how the hell is the eye doing anyway?

As most of you might recall yours truly had not one but two eye surgeries between 2/4 and 3/18. This also meant I was out of work until 4/11! Yup what should have been two weeks off, turned into two months off. Let me tell you it was not all sunshine and rainbows kids. In fact, it sucked a lot.

Long story short…the first surgery over corrected my left eye a little too much and I had some massive double vision problems going on. We’re talking walking into walls, almost falling up/down stairs/migraines almost every day and the like. Like I said it sucked. Good news was a second surgery was done which helped cut down on the double vision, though it’s still hanging out a bit, but not to the level it was after surgery number one!

Good news is I don’t need a prism in my left eye glass (though it probably wouldn’t hurt). Bad news as I said sometimes folks end up with a second head coming out of their necks. I’m just happy to have it all over and done! I’m also glad to be back at work with something to do! Being at home was nice and once I could watch Netflix, that was fun too. However, only having interaction with my husband, family, and our cats was not good times. I love them all, but it’s nice to change it up again and get back into the swing of things.

I will say this…I miss those 2pm naps with all three cats. Those were the best!


So apparently we are about to get a lot of the white stuff here in Upstate New York.  Which has brought this kind of behavior out in some people.

Come on people it isn’t that bad.  Plus as my husband pointed out “if you didn’t buy enough food when last you went to market…well, you need to look at how you shop.”  He has a point.  However, IF we run out of milk he’s the one who will be cold walking to Stewarts and not me kids!

My plan for this snowy weekend is to do as little as possible.  I’ve been busting my rear all week, plus my knee is still very angry with me.  So there will be naps.  There will be copious amounts of tea had.  I will also be catching up on TV.  Be warned there may be spoilers for your beyond this point for Bones and How I Met Your Mother.

There may even be some How I Met Your Mother.  I’m only up to this episode so far.

For the love of Ted just get to who the mother is ALREADY!!  Please don’t spoil it for me.  I’m really enjoying it so far and also a little sad to be so far behind.  As it is I’m all caught up on Bones to a point too.  I just finished last season where Booth, because of Pelant tells Brennan he can’t marry her!  TV you are killing me!!

Are you getting any snow where you are?  What are your plans?  First thing for me is the nap with this guy.


Better Living Via Chemistry

My procedure/surgery went off without a hitch on Tuesday. Some scar tissue was found, removed, and sent off to pathology. Hopefully I won’t hear anything about it! Eventually I was sent home after keeping ginger ale and crackers down and of course proving that my plumbing was working properly.

I don’t recall much from the ride home, just the fact that my doctor thought Advil and Tylenol would work on my pain. Little side note…asking what your pain is like an hour after you wake up from anesthesia is not going to give you a true picture of pain. At the time I said I was at a 5. Which is right where you should be. HOWEVER, fast forward to their follow-up call at 11am the next morning…yeah my pain was at an 8! This is not good.

Another fun fact…when you can’t get the IV going the first time ask someone else to help!

Like OW!! (attempt 1)
Like OW!! (attempt 1)

Seriously I was about to punch the nurse in the face when she got “stuck” on attempt 2!

And who puts IV's in the crook of the elbow?? I mean really?!
And who puts IV’s in the crook of the elbow?? I mean really?!

Needless to say I now have some good drugs to help with recovery and the rest of the week off from work. Boo! I’m not happy about this, but it is what it is and I need to recover. So there we are.

Anyway…time home has been spent with snuggles from the cats, catching up on Bones (about time you two!), and a whole lot of sleep. Speaking of sleep I feel the pain creeping back in, which means the last round of meds are just about out of time. Seems time to set the laptop aside and ready for a nice nap!

This guy is such a love bug. He's pretty pawsome when I don't feel well!
This guy is such a love bug. He’s pretty pawsome when I don’t feel well!

/end rant