You stay random Hannaford

Yes, yes I was the woman eating a bag of Five Guys fries in my yoga pants tonight at Hannaford. Hey when the mister offers to stop at Five Guys you say YES! But no, no I was not the weirdest person there. Not by a long shot. A little back story if you aren’t from around here…

In early June two inmates escaped from one of New York State’s Maximum Security Correctional Facilities. Well, after close to three weeks on the run one was shot dead and the other was shot and captured today around 3:20pm and then flown to Albany Medical Center (AMC) for further treatment. AMC is listed as a Trauma Center so survey says this would be the place to treat him AND they also have an isolated wing for inmates there too. It’s also 20 minutes from our house…no I’m not worried. I’m pretty sure he’s got A LOT of security covering him.

Anyway, there the mister and I are in the checkout line (me munching on my fries) and I happen to make eye contact with the lady behind me. That was a mistake. She instantly launches into how great it is that “bastard was caught, shame he wasn’t killed” and other assorted phrases. To which I have to poke the bear and mention that they were moving said inmate to AMC for further treatment. “WHAT?! I-I hope his surgeons go golfing!!”

I had nothing to say to this. What can you say to that? I mean really. Thankfully I think I bored her and she went to the self checkout line.

Who says you can’t have any fun grocery shopping?