Sherlockian Deliveries of the Month

In the last month I have received several Sherlockian items of note.  First off this lovely mug from one of my favorite Sherlock friends…

A lovely bee mug and 221b pin, plus chocolate!
A lovely bee mug and 221b pin, plus chocolate!

Next up was the LONG awaited boxed set of Series 1-3 of Sherlock.  Dear BBC Shop it TOOK YOU LONG ENOUGH.  I don’t think they REALLY want my review…because it will be all about their shitty (sorry mom) shipping.


I picked up this little honeycomb like patterned travel mug for myself while visiting my Sherlockian Best Friend in early November.  Which was an amazing trip I hope to make again before I see her as my roommie in April. But it’s not a tale for the blog save that I had an AMAZING time and found that Amtrak has what I now call the Diogenes Club (Quiet) Car.  I highly suggest traveling in this car.

#Hudders #TeamSussex
#Hudders #TeamSussex

Finally the most recent delivery from today’s post.  So much Sherlock and Sherlock Holmes goodness.

So much awesome!
So much awesome!

I really want to read all the things, but I also noted that there hadn’t been a blog post here in far too long.  So I made a deal with myself.  I have to write at least two posts in order to jump into all of today’s deliveries.  I’ve written three so far!  One is of course scheduled to post later this week.  But I’m really going to try to stick to writing posts a head of schedule if I can.  (I can be a little lazy in the posting department…if you haven’t noticed.)

Sherlockian Adventure is Go! (#GridLOCKDC)

By the time you read this I will be perhaps a half an hour from my first stop on my wild Sherlock weekend.  Tomorrow evening I depart via train first to NYC where I will meet up with some very kind NYC Sherlockians who will be keeping me company for most of my 5 hour stop in NYC.

At 3am my second train departs for Alexandria, VA, the site of the inaugural GridLOCK DC Sherlock event which begins around 10. (I arrive at 8am)  I will then try not to sleep through the entire event and see some fine Sherlock loving folks who I haven’t seen in person since April!  There will be hugs, there will be laughter, and of course Sherlock!  The event runs till 11pm.  Someone prop me up in the bar if I say I need to go to bed.

Sunday morning I depart for home.  It may be the wildest weekend I’ve had to date when it comes to travel.  The things I do for my friends and Sherlock Holmes!

So if you see me this weekend send/offer coffee!  For I will need it.  Now to try and sleep as I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve!


When it rains, it pours


Gather round children I’m hear to tell you a story or three. A story of still being grossly ill with a sinus infection. Of needing to see a flipping ENT again. Which I might add makes me feel like this crap will not end well. But when you get them every 3 months measures need to be taken. Time to “narrow it down” as someone once said. On the upside I now have MORE antibiotics, plus some brilliant nose spray crap.

Story two is of mystery bruises that as it turns out were caused by 81mg of aspirin taken daily so that the mister and I can have a successful (and eventual) pregnancy. I guess all the bruises will now just be a sign that taking said aspirin is working on thinning my blood. JOY!

Finally, the hot water heater in the house went last night. So the mister and I were playing Little House on the Prairie – the home game this morning. Hot water buckets in the shower in order to get ourself ready and off to work on time. There is a new heater “installed” but yet still leaking all over the basement. #lesigh

Oh and to top it all off Gattis and company are being total arseholes about the Sherlocked Convention. So yes I’ve had a shite time of things today.

(Posted this to the LJ too – remember that?)

A Family Wedding Weekend (AKA The Sign of Three the home game)

So last weekend one of the the hubbins cousins got married in a swanky area of Rhode Island.  Several mysteries abounded that weekend including but not limited to the following: what happened to my pants? Where is Aunt ___?  Whose in jail?

Right so we’ll fast forward to Friday night’s stag/hen night.  We pub crawled to the couples favorite bars.  You know much like Sherlock and John had a drink in every street where they found a body.  If only I had Molly Hopper calculate my booze consumption to stay in the sweet spot all night….maybe I wouldn’t have needed a new pair of pants (jeans) the following morning.  Because you guessed it I pulled a Sherlock (him in the flat) me in the parking lot of the hotel.  The only thing missing was me flailing about yelling “I know ash!”


But for all I know that may have happened as I was spouting on about Sherlock most of the night leading up to my needing the new jeans.

"Don't tell me I don't."
“Don’t tell me I don’t.”

Yet, thanks to the genius of my hubbins (making me drink water and take advil),  I was up and ready to take on the wedding day…once I scored new pants.  But before we left in search of said pants.  My hubbins had a riddle for me…he wanted to know if I could figure out what three of his relatives had in common.  I got it on the third try…they were all in jail!  No one knows the whole story here.  But let’s just say they got out and made it to the wedding.

It isn;t a wedding weekend until someone lands in the slammer.
It isn’t a wedding weekend until someone lands in the slammer.

Which brings us to the final mystery of the weekend…where was Aunt __?  Damn near close to death.  But lucky for her and all of us there’s a medic in the family.  So while she missed the wedding I’m happy to report she’s still very much alive.  Much like James Sholto.

"I believe I am in need of medical attention."
“I believe I am in need of medical attention.”

Now I know what you might be wondering IF you’ve seen The Sign of Three…so whose pregnant?  No one that I know of.  But we shall see what if anything comes in nine months won’t we?

The game is on!

I know it has been a bit of time since last I posted.  But as you know I’ve been ill.  However, that seems to be going away – thankfully.

So yesterday I received a tweet from a tea friend of mine, Rachel.  She owns iHeartTeas where you can find teas, tea beauty products, and more.  Give her shop a look, you won’t be sorry.  This was the tweet…

You should also follow her on Twitter - RachelKCarter and iHeartTeas
You should also follow her on Twitter – RachelKCarter and iHeartTeas

This was the picture she sent along with the tweet…

Photo thanks to Rachel Carter of iHeartTeas! (Check out that tea ware!)
Photo thanks to Rachel Carter of iHeartTeas! (Check out that tea ware!)

I then asked which episode it was she had watched and I already had my own guess.  But I thought I’d ask.  Rachel thought Series 2 Scandal in Belgravia and I thought perhaps Series 1 The Great Game.  Lucky I happened to have today off and time to run through Series 1 & 2.  I had little to go on, the purple shirt (swoon) and what I thought was Watson in a red shirt and his black jacket.  So I started with The Great Game and came across this during the deduction on the sneakers…

Not the exact image...
Not the exact image…

Can I tell you how difficult it is to pause at JUST the right moment.  But I feel comfortable saying that you were watching The Great Game Rachel!  I also recalled that there were no John and Sherlock in the Bart’s lab scenes in Scandal in Belgravia.  Just with Sherlock. Is it possible I might like this show a little too much?  Nah.

Happy Wedding Day! {Sherlock}

Today’s the big day…someone’s getting married!

Not these two, even if some of us wish it to be so.
Not these two (but don’t they look handsome), even if some of us wish it to be so.

If you’ve seen the previews you know who it is.  If you haven’t?  Well tune into your local PBS station at 9:58pm to find out!

Meanwhile chill the champagne, get the snacks ready, and lay out your best outfit (or finest pj’s) for the wedding.

Sherlock – TONIGHT!

Finally!  The new season airs tonight at 9:58pm EST on PBS (check your local listings.  But the real reason I’m happy?  I can finally talk about it with all my friends who haven’t seen it.  Ahhhh!

The boys are back and the game is on!
The boys are back and the game is on!

Also I’ve messed about (again) with theme and colors.  Let’s me know in the comments what you think!