I MAY have thought we had vampires or worse sparkly vampires for neighbors

In all honesty I have not seen these people in the almost two years we have lived here. But today their garage door is open and they’re out tending to their lawn. Best part is I see no fangs or sparkle!

In other news there’s a new doctor. To which my response is 10 is still my Doctor.

We’re also headed out for eats this evening with our newlywed Whovians – which should be interesting seeing as my Hubbins does not want to know who the new Doctor. Killjoy. I live for spoilers. Then again I don’t usually need them I figured out who River really was before we really found out. I also figured out who all the Cylons were in the reboot of Battlestar Galactica before they were revealed too. What can I say I’m magical.

Anyway…here’s a cat picture for you on this fine Sunday.

She was NOT happy to pose for this.
She was NOT happy to pose for this.